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Rhino AB Bulk Unloader 5 Gallon

The all new design Rhino® AB Bulk Unloader, for the efficient dispensing of highly filled and compressible sealants and adhesives, enables customers to increase production throughput and reduce material waste.

Strength and Performance. By Design

With a 5 Gallon capacity, and optimized material passageways, the durable Rhino provides superior flow properties, ease-of-operation and simplified maintainability ideal for dispensing highly filled or compressible materials, the perfect fit for your production requirements. 

Superior Performance, Long Lasting Durability and Easy Operation

  • Dispensing Consistency - Fast air motor changeover with rapid-cycling, dual air-piloted cylinder – provides uniform material output and consistent material pressure.
  • Ease of Operation - Simple and intuitive front facing pneumatic controls that feature auto shutdown to prevent damage to the unit when the pump reaches the bottom of the container.
  • Less Material Damage - High performance drive train and optimized fluid passageways minimize material damage from crushed spherical fillers.
  • Easy Pail Changeover - Pail hold down feature facilitates ease of container changeover procedure, preventing movement when the follower is withdrawn.
  • Production Efficiencies - Interchangeable follower plate and seal design reduce wasted material and lengthy changeover procedures.
  • Reduce Downtime - Optional automatic changeover feature minimizes downtime by allowing continuous production during a material pail change.

Technical Data

Power Factor         Material Pressure Range*

11:1                          250 – 800 psi / 16.5 – 31 bar


Suitable Pail Sizes :

Max 18" (457 mm)    


Tapered – 11" - 11.24" / 280-286mm range

Straight – 11" / 280mm

Straight – 11.25" / 286mm

Straight – 12" / 305mm

Straight – 12.25" / 310mm


*Estimate only.
Pressures are material dependent. Consult your Nordson representative with application specifics for accurate pressure capabilities.
EPDM or nitrile available for follower plate seals
Assumes standard shop air, 30-100 psi, dry/lubricated.


Improve Your Production

Simply take a moment to tell us some details about you, and our expert team will show you how Rhino improves production efficiency!

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