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2-Part Material Static Mixers

Best-in-class disposable static mixers deliver complete and thorough mixing for a wide variety of 2-part materials

The elements in these single-use mixers rotate either to the right or left in 180° helical twists and are injection-molded in one operation to ensure excellent quality and flow rate.

Series 120 Disposable Mixing Elements

With a patented “Apple Core” cross section, the alternating elements are joined so the leading and trailing edges are mutually perpendicular. This geometry ensures long life and flushes clean with less solvent. Acetal elements are recommended for most applications, however, polypropylene is also available.

Series 160 Disposable Plastic Spiral Bell Mixer

Designed with a bell inlet, these mixers include elements made of acetal and housing made of polypropylene. The mixers come in a wide range housing lengths and with varying element diameters and number of mixing elements.

Series 162A Disposable Plastic Spiral Bell High Flow Mixer

These are our largest disposable bell mixers with elements 19.9 mm (0.784”) in diameter. They are ideal for high flow rate meter mix applications.

Series 190 Disposable Plastic Spiral Bayonet Mixers

This mixer is available in five diameter sizes and four housing outlet styles. It is ideal for mixing and dispensing acrylics, epoxies, silicones, and urethanes.

Series 260 Disposable Plastic Spiral Bell Mixers

These mixers are available in standard bell and integral nut inlet connections. Both the elements and housing are made of polypropylene. The number of mixing elements range from 5 to 24.

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