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Sealant & Adhesive Mixers

Enhance your industrial equipment systems with Nordson 2-part material mixers

Nordson leads the way in industrial equipment manufacturing with high-quality mixers and accessories uniquely designed to combine and dispense dual-component adhesives and sealants. Our disposable mixers deliver complete and thorough mixing for a variety of 2-part materials. These single-use mixers are crafted using a single-operation injection molding process and feature elements that rotate either to the left or right to ensure excellent quality and flow rate. Browse our selection of material mixers to order the size or fit you need, find complementary meters and metering systems or contact us to learn more about how our sealant mixers can improve your productivity.
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2-Part Static Mixers

2-Part Static Mixers Best-in-class disposable static mixers deliver complete and thorough mixing for a wide variety of 2-part materials.

Pro-Meter 2K Family

Pro-Meter 2K Family Nordson Sealant equipment introduces a comprehensive new range of products for all of your 2 component dispensing needs.

Steadi-Mix 2K Compact Motorized Power Mixer

Steadi-Mix 2K Compact Motorized Power Mixer Easy-to-clean design provides adjustable mix capabilities and optimized flow paths for pressure-sensitive material mixing.

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