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Steadi-Mix 2K Compact Motorized Power Mixer

Easy-to-clean design provides adjustable mix capabilities and optimized flow paths for pressure-sensitive (syntactic) two-component material mixing.

The Steadi-Mix 2K compact motorized power mixer is used by material manufacturers and sealant users who make, package or dispense their own two-component materials. Steadi-Mix 2K boasts a removable fluid mixing section, dual material dispense valves and steady motor control to increase production and provide a simple and clean operation for aerospace, composite and light-weighting industries. 


  • Simplify production and reduce factory footprint with a bench-top unit that supports a clean and low-maintenance process
  • Increase throughput, consistency and quality 
  • Less production waste - no material loss in fluid section of mixing system
  • Reliable quality - powered inlet and outlet valves reduce air entrapment for an improved mix quality


Suitable for production and mixing of: Polysulfides, two-component epoxies and two-component, low-density void fillers, syntactic materials.

Filling Applications: Pre-mixed frozen (PMF) cartridges, general cartridge filling, caulk tubes, pre-formed cap filling, squeeze packs or syringes

Steadi-Mix 2K Compact Motorized Power Mixer

Dual Material Dispense Valves:

  • Twin outlet valves provide continuous dispensing of homogenous material mixtures to increase production rate
    • Minimized bends and corners prevent unnecessary pack-out or squeeze-out
    • Diverter valve design allows even flow distribution to either dispense valve
    • Material outlet is adaptable to suit customer-specific applications


    Detachable Fluid Mixing Section:

    • Material-in-process can be stored to prolong time between cleaning and maintenance
    • Without tools, the fluid mixing section easily lifts out of the unit base with a simplified process


    Steady Motor Control:

    • Motor RPM stabilization ensures mixing is done at a preset rateSteadi-Mix 2K Benchtop and Storage Units
    • Eliminates surges caused by mixing and removes possibility of increased mixer speed without operator knowledge
    • AC motor delivers an adjustable range of 60-300 RPM, providing +/- 3 RPM for high control of mixing rate
    • Incremental ramp-up procedure prevents damage to the mixer, drive train and any pressure-sensitive material
    • Capable of sensing viscosity changes
    • Ability to run 24/7 without overheating or performance degradation


    Technical Specifications:

    • Mixing Ratio: 4:1 - 20:1 by volume
    • Base Material Viscosity: 50,000 - 1,500,000 cps
    • Catalyst Material Viscosity: 1 - 500,000 cps
    • Mixing RPM: 60-300
    • Low Operating Temperature: 45°F / 7.2°C
    • High Operating Temperature: 100°F / 37.7°C
    • Material Pressure: 1,000 PSI (68.9 Bar)
    • Material Supplied By: Rhino AB or Rhino AC Pumps
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