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Micro-Meter P2K

Micro-Meter P2K, a pneumatically driven two-component metering system, is powered by positive rod displacement technology for dispensing small volumes of material with precision ratio and volumetric output control.

The Micro-Meter P2K has two precisely cut rods that are moved by a pneumatic actuator, ensuring consistent volumetric ratio throughout the dispensing process. Up to three shot sizes can be programmed, allowing an operator to toggle through the options on the control panel as opposed to physically moving any sensors.


Application Capabilities

  • Potting
  • Encapsulating


Micro-Meter P2K - Potting 


Technical Data

Metering principle: Positive rod displacement
Ratio range (volume): 9:1
Ratio design: Fixed
Viscosity range: Flowable liquids (1 - 200,000 cps)
Volumetric output: 0.50 - 25.00 cc
Working pressure: Up to 1,500 psi (103 bar)
Flow rate: 10 cc / sec
Flow rate type: Constant
Volume repeatability: 1.0%
Ratio repeatability: 2.0%
Drive: Pneumatic
Dispense type: Shot capable