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Angstrom Meter System

Extreme precision meter mix dispense system for 2-part adhesives and sealants

The Nordson Angstrom meter features positive rod displacement metering for extremely small beads and dispense volumes, with the highest level of accuracy and consistency.

Dispense volumes are in the range of 0.13 cc up to 1.2 cc at 1:1 Ratio. Bead sizes have been tested as small as 0.3 mm in diameter at 10:1 ratio.


Long Lifespan.

  • Heavy duty packings and seals minimize wear and increase lifespan.
  • Hardened meter rods do not touch the meter cylinder walls, reducing the need for preventative maintenance.

Quality Dispensing

  • Positive rod displacement metering combined with servo drive technology, proportions materials to the manufacturer’s exact volumetric ratio.
  • Controlled flow rate and mixed material dispense volumes consistently meet customer specifications.

Exact Consistency

  • Power inlet and outlet valves eliminate material bypass and ensure ratio precision and consistency.
  • Single acting rod displacement for pulse free material dispensing.

System Features:

  • Positive rod displacement metering for extremely small beads and dispense volumes.
  • Servo drive motor provides the highest accuracy for on-ratio dispensing, bead diameter and consistent volume control.
  • Side-by-side cartridge holder on the meter holds the cartridge unit in place to supply material to the meter assembly.
  • Integrated start-stop dispense valve eliminates dispense hoses and further increases accuracy of ratio, bead and volume.

Model Variants 

The Angstrom CF (Cartridge Fed) Meter is designed to accept side-by-side cartridges to supply Part A and B materials under pressure to the meter.

The Angstrom PF (Pump Fed) Meter System is a pressure feed model with the material supplied by pressure tanks and supply pumps.