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Control Systems

For complete system monitoring and control of your dispensing system

The typical Nordson Sealant Equipment control package consists of the following components:

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

This is the main control component of the system, and serves to coordinate the operation of all the other components. It stores up to 255 unique preset 4-segment shot profiles, used for shot applications, or 255 unique preset dispensing flow rates, used for bead-laying applications.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

The typical operator Interface is a 6” color touchscreen, mounted in the door of the main enclosure. It connects directly to the PLC over a serial link. It has numerous operator screens that are used to control the manual and automatic cycles, to select the active preset profile or flow rate, and to display meter status, diagnostic, and fault information, including animated graphics.

DeviceNet Network

This is used for the communication between the PLC and the Servo Drive

Servo Drive

Provides fast response, precise speed control, and very high position accuracy.

Linear Actuator

Eliminates the separate motor, gear reducer, timing belts, ballscrew, flexible couplings, and mounting hardware typically found in servo motion systems. Uses an absolute encoder mounted to the servo motor to monitor speed and position.


Additional control components available:

  • Foot Pedal Start Controls
  • Timed Shot Control Panels
  • Pump Crossover Controls
  • Material Temperature Controls
  • Keypad Interface Panels
  • Panel View Color Touch Screen Controls
  • Advanced PC Color Touch Screen Control
  • DeviceNet and Equivalent Communication