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Sealant Application Products

Browse Nordson sealant equipment, including parts, machines and dispensers to find the right fit

Nordson has a broad inventory of premier adhesive and sealant products, including epoxy dispensing systems, valves, mixers and quality control systems. Our sealant machines and dispensers improve efficiency and expedite processes, dispensing the same amount of product each time in an effort to maintain consistency and reduce waste. Contact us to learn how Nordson sealant products can benefit your company.


Valve Types Engineered to provide precision, repeatable, and reliable dispensing for a huge variety of 1-part and 2-part materials

Robotic Dispensing Systems

robot dispensing systems Fully Automated Robotic Dispensing Systems

Two Component (2K) Products/Mixers

250 Series 2K Snuf-Bak Valve Nordson Sealant Equipment's 2-part (2K, or component) systems are designed to provide you with accurate and repeatable metering, mixing, and dispensing for your application.

Accessories Kits and Auxiliary Equipment

Accessories Kits and Auxiliary Equipment Nordson Sealant Equipment offers a complete line of accessories and auxiliary equipment including static mixers, nozzles, manual valve triggers, material regulators and more.

Controllers and Control Systems

Control Panel For complete system monitoring and control of your dispensing system

Meters and Metering Systems

Nordson Sealant Equipment has a comprehensive range of micro, shot, and continuous flow meters for 1-part (1K) and 2-part (2K) epoxies, urethanes, silicones, lubricants, and other adhesives and…


2 Component Mixers Nordson Sealant Equipment leads the way in industrial mixing equipment systems by providing two-component mixer systems and accessories uniquely designed to accurately mix and dispense two-part…


Nozzles-sm Full range of metal and plastic nozzles for precision dispensing

Sealant & Adhesive Drum Pump Systems

55-gal-rhino-sm Rhino high-viscosity sealant and adhesive drum pumps deliver superior material flow properties, waste reduction and ease-of-operation in demanding production environments.

Reservoirs and Tanks

Nordson Sealant Equipment offers material pressure tanks that range in capacity from 2 gallons to 60 gallons.

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