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Introducing the Steadi-Mix 2K Compact Motorized Mixer


Simplify your manufacturing processes with the Steadi-Mix 2K by reliably and efficiently packaging cartridges, syringes, caulk tubes or squeeze packs.

Nordson Sealant Equipment announces the launch of Steadi-Mix™ 2K, a compact motorized mixer for pressure-sensitive material mixing.

The Steadi-Mix 2K compact motorized power mixer is used by material manufacturers and sealant users who make and package their own two-component materials. Steadi-Mix 2K boasts dual material dispense valves and steady motor control to increase production and provide a simple operation for aerospace, composite and light-weighting industries.

Multiple benefits are strategically incorporated in the Steadi-Mix 2K features. It has a detachable fluid mixing section that easily lifts out of the unit base with a simplified process. Because material-in-process can be stored, maintenance frequency is reduced, providing time and cost savings.

Contact Nordson Sealant Equipment for more information on how the Steadi-Mix 2K can reliably and efficiently package cartridges, syringes, caulk tubes or squeeze packs to simplify your manufacturing process.