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New Family of Meters for Small-Volume Dispensing


Nordson Sealant Equipment announces Micro-Meter®, a new product family of small-volume dispensing materials for one- and two-component ambient-temperature materials.

The Micro-Meter family offers a full range of dispensing solutions for small volumes of material in amounts as little as 0.05 cc to 25 cc. Each product offers application flexibility to accommodate changes in material requirements, versatility to fit into existing production environments, positive rod metering for unmatched repeatability, volume-optimized cylinders for optimal control and flexible inlet valve design for quick installations and retrofitting.


The Micro-Meter compliments Nordson Sealant Equipment’s Pro-Meter family of dispensers, completing the continuum of dispensing solutions for all volumes and viscosities of materials in a variety of applications.


Product Family Options and Applications


  • Micro-Meter P2K: Pneumatically driven two-component metering system for potting and encapsulating

  • Micro-Meter A2K: Servo-driven two-component metering system for potting, encapsulating, gasketing and bonding

  • Micro-Meter D2K: Dual servo-driven two-component metering system for potting, encapsulating, gasketing, bonding, composite filling and micro-dispensing

  • Micro-Meter 1K: One-component metering system for encapsulating, gasketing, bonding and micro-dispensing


Contact Nordson Sealant Equipment to learn how Micro-Meter can optimize your production.