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Xaloy®Twinshot® Multi-Material Molding

The Xaloy Twinshot® Multi-Material Molding is a viable alternative for multi-material molding applications, providing a cost effective solution to entering into co-injection, reducing capital equipment expenditures by 80 to 90% over traditional machines. The system operates with a single screw and a single barrel, injecting two materials in a single shot mold fill. First part of the shot is skin, the second part is core, resulting in a three-layer or “sandwich” construction A-B-A.


  • Full flexibility with change to a single material molding machine over from two materials on-the-fly
  • Lower cost through encapsulation of off spec, regrind or recycled materials
  • Improved quality with encapsulation of foamed material to reduce sink, warpage, and improved strength-to-weight-ratio
  • Enhanced cosmetic appearance through use of high quality material over reinforced material
  • Reduced maintenance cost with easy retrofit and easy maintenance
  • Easier operation with simple set-up, low operational complexity, ease to learn
  • Wide range of part designs are feasible with expansive range of material combinations to combine technical with cosmetic product aspects to meet end customer requirements.


  • A single recovery injection machine that follows generally accepted, single injection unit molding practices and responds to standard single screw/barrel troubleshooting methodology
  • Two independent melting sections (one for the skin material and the other for the core) with multi-zone temperature control
  • Available on new single unit injection molding machines and also retrofittable to current single screw/barrel injection machines with a minimum of 20:1 L/D