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Xaloy® Quantum™ Plasticizing System

The Xaloy Quantum™ plasticizing screw is an ultra-high performance barrier screw, targeted to recovery limited, thin wall processes utilizing polyolefin resins. The innovative barrier screw design of the Xaloy Quantum™ plasticizing system ensures a mass balance throughout the screw that compensates for the conversion between feedstock bulk density and resin melt density, thereby controlling shear rates and shear stresses throughout the melting process.


  • Optimum plasticizing rate and recovery times
  • Increased plasticizing rate of unmelted material
  • Maximized melting efficiency through controlled shear forces of the polymer
  • Valve prevents polymer degradation and ensures excellent shot-to-shot repeatability
  • Optimized melt quality in high speed applications
  • Decreased percentage of scrap produced
  • Yields a rapid return on investment



  • Mass balance design, controlling shear stress
  • Improved screw recovery time by 10 to 15% dependent upon process parameters
  • Innovative barrier design achieving homogeneous melt quality at high process speeds