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Xaloy® Pulsar® II Mixing Injection Molding Screw

The Xaloy Pulsar® II mixing screw offers a combination mixing screw design with good distributive and dispersive qualities. The wave style root geometry provides continually varying, localized high and low pressure areas that yield complete melt homogenization. This screw offers the best low shear mixing design available.


  • Optimum part clarity and surface finish through minimal shear stress
  • Improved part uniformity through superior mixing action
  • Low fiber breakage through gentle treatment
  • Better cell distribution in foam processes through wave style screw geometry
  • Greater flexibility through quick color and material changes
  • Faster cycles due to reduced melt temperatures



  • Wave style root geometry for excellent distributive and dispersive mixing
  • Wider application and processing window
  • Adaptable for various process requirements
  • Strong weld lines
  • Less back pressure applied