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Xaloy® Efficient™ Extrusion Screw

The Xaloy Efficient™ barrier screw design was one of the first patented screw designs in the history of plasticating screw technology. Through the years, the design methods and techniques have been refined to the point where it has become the most modifiable barrier design in the Nordson screw offering. The Xaloy Efficient™ barrier screw typically delivers up to 20% more output than conventional screw designs, while offering better melt temperature control and homogeneity.


  • Increases melting efficiency due to elimination of premature solids bed break-up
  • Enhances melt homogeneity from moderate shear created by the barrier flight
  • Increases melting rates and throughput resulting from “Efficient™” management of the solids bed geometry
  • Improves melt temperature control due to lower, post melt shear stresses