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Filter out contaminates in your extrusion and pelletizing process with BKG® screen changers from Nordson

Nordson is a leading screen changer and filtration system manufacturer, constantly innovating to create filtration products for a variety of materials and applications. BKG filtration systems and screen changers ensure a perfect filtration process, guaranteeing your desired melt quality. Trust our products to consistently filter out contaminates and ensure continuous polymer flow. Our screen changers are designed to support the extrusion of a wide variety of thermoplastics, so whether you work with one substance or many, you can find a screen changer that matches your process requirements. All our models help reduce downtime needed to make screen changes, our high-end models offer finer filtration and longer screen life, and our recycling filters help you manage highly-contaminated materials. Contact Nordson Polymer Processing Systems to provide you with quality screen changers that will lead to a more refined final product, less waste, shortened lead times and decreased costs.
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V-Type 3G Double Piston Backflush Screen Changer

V-Type 3G Double Piston Backflush Screen Changer The BKG® V-Type 3G is suitable for almost all processes and materials.

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