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BKG® HiCon™ V-Type 3G Double Piston Backflush Screen Changer

Normal operation:
4 screen cavities (100%) in the process

3 screen cavities (75%) in the process, 1 screen cavity (25%) in backflush position

Screen change:
3 screen cavities (75%) in the process, 1 screen cavity (25%) in change position

Reservoir filling:
4 screen cavities (100%) in the process

The BKG HiCon V-Type 3G is suitable for almost all processes and materials. It is used in processes with a high demand for pressure consistency (e.g. strap, film, fiber) as well as in processes with insufficient back pressure for backflushing (e.g. strand pelletizing). It is also suited for processes with a high proportion of contaminates (e.g. recycling). The system enables a continuous operation without any system shutdowns during screen change.


  • All process steps are performed pressure- and volume-constant
  • Patented POWER BACKFLUSH technology ensures highest efficiency and operates independently of the extrusion pressure
  • Fully automated backflushing and venting procedure reduces operator intervention to a minimum
  • Up to 200 backflushing cycles allow for a significant reduction in operating cost 
  • Four screen cavities provide a large filtration area in a comparably small housing, with only minimal backflushing amounts during the self-cleaning



  • Patented highly efficient backflushing through integrated POWER BACKFLUSH technology
  • With the patented 4K-75-technology, three screen cavities (75%) remain available for filtration at all times during the process steps “backflush” and “screen change”
  • Optimized flow channel geometries (free of dead zones)
  • Wear-free metallic sealing system – no additional seal required
  • Easily integrated into the line controls


New generation efficiency enhancement: Old vs New 

  • Increased cleaning performance through reduction of the backflushing cycle - only one displacing piston
  • Higher degree of automation through autonomous parameterizing of venting and backflushing
  • Easy and clean handling through an outlet for the backflushing discharge on the bottom of the housing 
  • Lower extrusion height possible through compact construction
  • 100% of the filtration area available during reservoir filling procedure