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BKG® NorCon™ Slide Plate Screen Changer EH

Normal operation:
1 screen cavity (100%) in the process

Not possible

Screen change:
During a screen change, the screen cavity (100%) in the process is removed hydraulically, indexing the other screen cavity (100%) into operation

From the worldwide leader in filtration equipment, Nordson offers the EH slide plate screen changers. Contamination of the melt stream by metal, wood, paper or internally generated black specks yields products that are unacceptable in appearance and/or performance. The EH slide plate screen changer represents the most technically advanced design of slide plate type screen changers. The EH line is suitable for processing a wide variety of thermoplastic applications ranging from sophisticated multiple layer thin film extrusion to the heavy demands of recycling. 


  • Compact extruder interface
  • Leak-free operation
  • Fast shift screen changes optimize productivity
  • Safe operation
  • Optimized polymer rheology



  • Bolt through extruder connection
  • Extruder screw pull through
  • Pressure activated sealing
  • Fully guarded and electronically interlocked
  • Optimized flow channel design


High Temperature Seal Option

  • Expanded low viscosity sealing
  • For temperatures between 260-343°C (500-650°F)
  • Retrofittable design