Polymer Processing Systems

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The product‘s quality requirements and the interest in quality gains in filtration processes make it necessary to optimize the efficiency of the filter media. This should be ensured by the choice of the adequate woven wire mesh.

Requirements of the screen pack:

  • Deposition of foreign particles, gels
  • Homogenization of the melt
  • Avoidance of dimpling
  • Ensurance of throughput
  • Avoidance of oversized screens
  • Easy backflushing (for self-cleaning systems)

By the proper selection and configuration of the fabric layers, the characteristics of the filter media can be perfectly fitted to the product to be filtered.  We explicitly point out that dirty filter screens (e.g. oils from the weaving process) can lead to massive disruptions in the production process. Therefore it is essential to use quality fabrics only.

Screen packs are normally made of spot welded woven wire cloth of different mesh, although they can also have a containing rim bordered in a ring. BKG screen changers accept single or multiple screen meshes.


  • Results in savings in your downstream process includes shortened lead times and decreased costs
  • Avoids that screens present a weak spot in the filtration process



  • Different sizes (Ø 30.0 – 340.0 x 430.0)
  • Square meshes for simple applications (e.g., support and drainage tissues)
  • Dutch weaves for increased requirements
  • Screens for an optimized surface filtration
  • Innovative tissue for gel and thermo-filtration
  • Special forms for all common filter types (round, oval, candle, etc.)
  • Supporting plates type "Super Plate" for increasing the actual filtration area