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BKG® HiCon™ R-Type 250

Recycling filter for highly contaminated applications

Separation in a continuous filtration process 

Medium to highly contaminated plastic melt polymers from the family of olefins and styrenes


The contaminated melt flows through the fixed, cylindrical strainer tube from the inside out. The micro-conical holes provide efficient filtration of contaminated melt. The contaminants are separated from the melt and then scraped by a rotating blade shaft from the surface of the strainer tube. The cooled discharge screw removes the collected contaminants from the machine out. The speed of the blade shaft/discharge screw can be adjusted depending on the throughput, contaminat level and discharge rate, thus ensuring a continuous working process with a clean, open filtration area with low melt loss.



  • Minimal melt loss
  • Robust and low-wear design
  • Constant melt pressure behind the filter
  • No outlet side; minimum pressure required
  • User-friendly handling: independent strainer tube can easily be changed by the operator
  • Low operating costs through long service life and regeneration ability of the filter media
  • No edge flow around the strainer tube


  • Fully automatic self-cleaning
  • Cylindrical, fixed strainer tubes
  • Homogeneous cleaning by a variety adjustable scraper blades
  • Autonomous control included heating control
  • Hardware: Siemens Simatic SPS and HMI
  • Analysis of melt pressure and temperature included in the standard delivery (incl. sensor)
  • Optional recording of process data and remote maintenance