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BKG® High Capacity Slide Plate Screen Changer SPC

Normal operation:
1 screen cavity (100%) in the process

Not applicable

Screen change:
During a screen change, the screen cavity (100%) in the process is removed hydraulically, indexing the other screen cavity (100%) into operation

The SPC-1200 EA and SPC-1500 EA slide plate screen changers are suitable for high capacity polymer filtration up to 27,000 kg / h (60,000 lb / hr). These models utilize cylindrical screens to achieve a significantly reduced pressure drop, resulting in higher throughputs and longer on-line time between screen changes.


  • Extended filter area provides longer screen life and allows for finer screen filtration
  • Fast shift screen changes optimize productivity
  • Leak-free operation
  • Safe operation
  • Optimized polymer rheology
  • Bi-fold guard design allows easy access to breaker plates and ensures safe operation



  • Adjustable sealing mechanism
  • Bi-fold guards are electrically interlocked
  • Optimized flow channel design
  • Explosion proof design options
  • Single piece body
  • Extended area filter