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BKG® Filter Disc

The BKG filter disc is composed of filter disc elements, which define the filtration quality by using a special fleece as the core layer of the filter element.  Viscoelastic dirt particles are stored in the fleece cells and are not separated on the surface as in the wire mesh. The filter disc can only be used with piston style screen changers.


  • Increased filter area with the same machine size possible
  • Deep filtration and the use of sintered media (especially for filter candles) are possible
  • Almost unlimited filter surface area from one to several m² in one screen cavity of a piston screen changer possible
  • Low pressure losses due to the large surface area
  • Exceptional filtration results possible due to filtration finenesses between 5 and 40 µm
  • Low residence time of the melt in the screen changer
  • Can be retrofitted in existing plants



  • Available for different machine sizes