Polymer Processing Systems

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BKG® NorCon™ LD-SWE Discontinuous Single Piston Screen Changer

Normal operation:
1 screen cavity (100%) in the process

Not applicable

Screen change:
During a screen change, a screen cavity is not in position to continue operating the machine

Suitable for all polyolefins and a variety of other temperature stable polymers. This system can be used for protection filtration, batch processes, compounding, and masterbatches, as well as for quality filtration of virgin materials.


  • Easy adjustment of the hydraulic device via the hand control valves
  • Quick and easy cleaning allows for rapid material and color changes
  • Large filter area in a comparable small housing due to oval-shaped screens


  • Oval-shaped screens
  • The melt flow is temporarily interrupted during the screen change
  • Special designs (e.g. screw threading, starting position) possible