Polymer Processing Systems

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BKG® NorCon™ K-SWE-4K-75 Continuous Double Piston Screen Changer

Normal operation:
4 screen cavities (100%) in the process

Not applicable

Screen change:
During a screen change one of the screen cavities (25%) is removed from the process, allowing for three of the screen cavities (75%) to remain in operation

The K-SWE-4K-75 is suitable for almost all processes and materials. It can be used in pressure constant processes (e.g. strap, film, fiber, strand pelletizing) and enables process runs to continue without any system shutdowns while changing the screen.


  • The patented technology ensures a stable pressure and process consistency since 3 of the 4 screens remain in production at all times
  • Four (4) screens enable a large filter area in a compact and small housing
  • Fully automated venting procedure (via PLC) reduces the operator’s intervention



  • During the process step “screen change,” 3 of 4 screens remain in operation at all times (patented 75% technology)
  • Optimized flow channels utilizing rheological data
  • Wear-free metallic sealing system – no additional seal required
  • Easily integrated into the line controls 
  • Includes complete guard system, offering maximized safety for the operators