Polymer Processing Systems

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BKG® NorCon™ Continuous Double Piston Screen Changer DBC

Double Piston Screen Changer with 2 Cavities for Continuous Operation

Normal operation:
2 screen cavities (100%) in the process

Not possible

Screen change:
1 screen cavity (50%) in the process

The DBC Screen Changer is suitable for almost all processes and materials. It can be used for polymerization, compounding, film, pipe, sheet and pelletizing processes. It makes processes run automatically and without system downtime.


  • Increased production due to reduced downtime & scrap
  • Operator-friendly design for simple and safe operation, as well as reduced maintenance
  • Accurate, repeatable screen changes possible due to automated control


  • 2 pistons with 1 screen cavity each
  • Fully guarded
  • Wear-free metallic sealing system – no additional seal required
  • Optimized flow channels