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BKG® HiCon™ K-SWE-4K/RS Continuous Double Piston Backflush Screen Changer

Normal operation:
4 screen cavities (100%) in the process

3 screen cavities (75%) in the process

Screen change:
During a screen change two of the screen cavities (50%) are removed from the process, allowing for two of the screen cavities (50%) to remain in operation

Suitable for almost all processes and materials. It can be used in compounding, film, pipe, sheet, and pelletizing applications. It can manage processes with a high proportion of contaminates (recycling) and enables process runs to continue without any system shutdowns while changing the screen.


  • Reduced spare part costs recognized due to the integrated self-cleaning (backflush) process, allowing screens to be used repeatedly
  • Fully automated backflush and venting procedure (via PLC) reduces operator intervention
  • Significant reduction in operating costs (screen & labor costs) due to up to 100 backflushes



  • Backflush function
  • Optimized flow channel geometry utilizing rheological data
  • Wear-free metallic sealing system – no additional seal required
  • Easily integrated into the line controls 
  • Includes complete guard system, offering maximized safety for the operators