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Equatherm® Heat Transfer Rolls

The Equatherm® heat transfer rolls are designed for low load sheet processing applications such as cast film, co-extrusion, and coating/laminating, substituting spiral design seals to maximize heat transfer capacity and uniformity for best quality products.


  • Increased productivity through maximized heat-transfer efficiency, allowing specification of rolls for maximum line speed, minimum roll size or anywhere in between
  • Maximized energy savings through a highly efficient spiral design operating at minimum flow rates, reducing costs associated with heating, cooling and pumping process water
  • Improved product quality through temperature uniformity across the roll face, ±0.5ºC (±1ºF), combating across-the-web variations in gauge and appearance, etc. 


  • Stainless steel spirals with a PTFE gasket, forming a sealed flow path between the inner and outer shell
  • Optimized spiral size and pitch, application-specific to the heat-transfer requirements of the application


American RollerAmerican Roller Company has acquired the rolls product line from Nordson Corporation.

Founded in 1938, American Roller Company has 75 years of experience in designing and manufacturing rollers of the highest quality. American roller´s dedication to producing quality rollers is evident by the product knowledge, manufacturing expertise, technical innovation, and outstanding customer service they bring to every order - large or small.

Throughout its history, American Roller has continually broadened its research, development and production technology. The Company differentiates itself on anticipating market needs and developing state-of-the-art, engineered solutions that help its customers stay at the forefront of their industries.

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