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Polymer Valves

Manage start-ups, changes and shut-offs in production with polymer valves from Nordson

Polymer valves are designed to regulate melt flow in a controlled manner, and even discharge the material out of the running process as necessary. Multiport valves allow you to separate or combine product streams, 6/3-way valves help you manage different material blends, and 3/2-way valves are used to switch quickly between two production processes. As a valve manufacturer, Nordson has years of experience designing, innovating upon, and producing polymer valves to support our customers industrial processes. Our diverter valves provide a safe way to start, stop or redirect the flow of materials or safely discharge contaminated materials. Plus, BKG® polymer valves are designed to have full melt flow at start-up, so you can get your process up and running faster after diverting or stopping for maintenance. To find start-up and shut-off valves that will help you develop money-saving efficiencies in extrusion and underwater pelletizing, contact Nordson Polymer Processing Systems today. 
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3/2-Way Valves

3/2-Way Valves The BKG 3/2-Way valve is used to switch between two production processes, like underwater pelletizing and film extrusion for example.

3/3- Way Valves

3/3- Way Valves The BKG 3/3-Way valve is used for switching between two large area filters and two production processes.

6/3-Way Valves

6/3-Way Valves The BKG 6/3-Way valve is suitable for co-extrusion processes in order to realize different material blends.

Diverter Valves / Discharge Valves

Diverter Valves / Discharge Valves The diverter valve / discharge valve is a safety valve for reaction, compounding and extrusion processes.

Multiport Valves

Multiport Valves Distribution of one product stream to multiple strands or merging of multiple streams to one strand.

Pellet Diverter Valve

Pellet Diverter Valve The pellet diverter valve divides the melt flow coming from the screen changer.

Polymer Diverter Valve

Polymer Diverter Valve The polymer diverter valve consists of a heated housing and hydraulically movable piston and is used in underwater pelletizing.

Start-Up / Shut-Off Valves

Start-Up / Shut-Off Valves The BKG® start-up / shut-off valve is used in multiple layer film lines and reactor processes.

Start-up Valves for Underwater Pelletizing Systems

Start-up Valves for Underwater Pelletizing Systems BKG diverter valves are adapted to the application in BKG underwater pelletizing systems. 

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