Polymer Processing Systems

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BKG® Tempered Water Systems

To meet customer requirements, Nordson designs BKG water systems with modularity in mind. Each component can be installed individually, thus changes in the equipment line-up are accomplished quickly and easily to suit product requirements.
The most basic version of the system contains the pellet dryer and water tank with accessories for simple processes such as non-filled polyolefins.

Functional description: After separation of the process water and pellets, the water is filtered by passing through a large woven wire mesh screen in the water tank. A water heating device for heating up the process water before production starts as well as piping/valves for overflow and refilling are mounted at the water tank. The water level inside the water tank is controlled by a measuring transducer and can be set independently to minimize the amount of refill water or to avoid higher water losses.

The process water is primed by the water pump through the shell & tube or plate & frame heat exchanger to ensure the proper cooling if necessary. The regulation of the cooling water refill is done by a steadily working valve.


  • Modular design
  • Continuous, automatic water filtration available
  • Various water filtration levels available
  • Energy savings during operation (Polygon™ version)


  • Various options available