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BKG® Pelletizers Type AH

Type AH pelletizers offer automatic, hydraulic blade pressure regulation and are suitable for throughputs of up to 7,500 kg/hr (16,500 lb/hr).


  • Constant pressure of the blades to the die plate
  • Maintain pellet quality independent of wear ‚‚
  • Precision automatic blade pressure regulation minimizes wear on die plates and blades
  • Reproducible blade pressure setting
  • Minimal operator intervention
  • Ideal for low viscosity products – minimizes die face smearing
  • Die plate compatibility with A and Compact types
  • Extremely robust design



  • Automatic, hydraulic blade pressure regulation
  • Hydraulic system integrated in the support cart
  • Fully automatic blade re-sharpening during operation
  • Compact design / small footprint
  • Blade wear indicator available
  • Automatic die plate grinding in situ
  • Large variety of die plates available for different throughputs and pellet diameters
  • Special design die plates available
  • Standard floor-rolling design on tracks – hanging design available on request