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BKG® Polymer Diverter Valve

The polymer diverter valve consists of a heated housing and a hydraulically movable piston. By hydraulic actuation of the piston, the melt flow can be diverted towards the floor or directed towards the die plate.

The diversion is necessary because the desired optimal melt flow per die plate hole cannot be generated instantaneously by the preceding equipment (e.g. extruder) at start-up.

The polymer diverter valve also separates the pelletizing process from the preceding process (e.g. extruder) so that both can be shut down separately in case of minor faults or changes made at the pelletizer.


  • Automated and simple start-up
  • Full melt flow directly at start-up
  • Easy flushing of the die plate before start-up
  • Safe discharge of contaminated material
  • Fast separation of the process in case of a failure
  • Short residence time of the melt in the system
  • Quick removal and exchange of die plates


  • Designed to exactly match the inlet cone design of a BKG die plate in order to optimizes flow and maximize residence time of the melt
  • Melt flow is diverted by hydraulic actuation of the piston