Polymer Processing Systems

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BKG® Lab-Line™

The BKG Lab-Line™ underwater pelletizer system is the ideal machine for pilot-scale extrusion or laboratory environments. The BKG Lab-Line™, which features simple controls and a compact design, is made up of a BKG pelletizer (hanging design), a BKG pellet dryer and a BKG process water treatment system.

The complete system is mounted on a single, rollable cart for mobility and easy handling in a lab environment where equipment is frequently exchanged.

  • Mobile design, compact footprint
  • Flexibility for material and / or color change
  • Easy and fast cleaning of the system components
  • Easy operation, simple handling
  • Ideal for pilot scale lines or laboratory environments



  • Simple controls
  • Compact design; complete system mounted on one single, rollable cart
  • Able to process nearly all types of polymer products processed on production lines
  • Pelletizer with manual fine adjustment of the blade pressure
  • Optional automatic, hydraulic blade pressure regulation