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BKG® HiCut™

The cutter hub is the heart of every pelletizing systems and determines the output and quality of each pellet. With the new BKG® HiCut™ and its ability to hold up to 50% more, optimized blades, Nordson has developed a cutter hub which will elevate your pelletizing process to a whole new level.

  • Increased throughput
  • Decrease the RPMs for extended working life of the blades and die plate
  • Reduced machine sizes for new investments possible to save costs
  • Improved pellet quality
  • Less filtration effort, leading to reduced maintenance work and overall production costs


  • Compatible with all existing systems
  • Available with angled and straight blades 
  • Round edges, smooth surfaces and more space between the blades for an optimized pellet flow
  • Casted blades for more stability and dimensional accuracy