Polymer Processing Systems

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BKG® Combigon™

BKG Combigon™ systems come equipped with Polygon™ automatic filter and are available with optional belt filter. The process water exits from the dryer and enters the filter unit which is comprised of several screen elements. The water level in the filter unit is monitored. If the level rises, the filter unit is rotated by means of a gear motor so that clean screen elements are always in the filtering area. The dirty screens are cleaned by means of water jet cleaning nozzles. The contaminant is sprayed onto a declined water slide and deposited into a filter cassette drawer which must be cleaned periodically. As an option, a continuously operating belt filter is available in place of the filter cassette drawer.

  • Continuous, automatic water filtration
  • High level of automation, reduced operator intervention
  • Improved water filtration level (up to 70μm)
  • Optional belt filter maximizes system automation
  • Energy savings during operation through elimination of secondary pump


  • Polygon™ automatic filter + secondary filtration
  • Self-cleaning tempered water system
  • Modular design
  • Completely skid-mounted
  • Dual door dryer access for easy cleaning
  • Based on the Combi-Line™ system but with enhanced water filtration