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Find gear pumps, melt pumps and pump control panels at Nordson

As a high-end polymer melt pumps manufacturer, Nordson helps customers optimize their processes so extrusion and pelletizing lines achieve the highest possible quality and throughput. The BKG® gear pump product line covers masterbatch pumps, melt pumps for sensitive plastics, high-pressure gear pumps, low-viscosity pumps and pump control panels. Our gear pumps are manufactured to provide optimal efficiency whether you’re engaged in extrusion, compounding or polymerization. The high-pressure gear pumps in our line are versatile enough to give a linear output through a variety of operating conditions, and our melt pumps manage a variety of plastics, from standard to sensitive, with a range of viscosities. These are just a few of the reasons we’re the leading polymer pump manufacturer worldwide. Contact us to learn how to integrate our gear pumps and control panels into your production line.

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BKG® Standard Gear Pumps Type MSDP / MJEP

Polymer Processing Systems

BKG® BlueFlow™ gear pumps types MSDP / MJEP are used in extrusion, compounding and polymerization processes.

BKG® High Pressure Gear Pumps Type MHDP / MJHDP

Polymer Processing Systems

The BKG® BlueFlow™ high pressure gear pump type MHDP / MJHDP is a positive displacement device which provides a linear output over a wide range of operating conditions.

New Gear Pumps Operate More Efficiently, Improve Product Quality And Are Available For All Applications Worldwide

Polymer Processing Systems

New BKG® BlueFlow™ Range Harmonizes Technologies First Developed in Germany and the USA and Incorporates Enhancements for All Polymer and Hot Melt Processes

BKG® Extrusion Pumps Types EP-SE-EO / EP-SF-EO

Polymer Processing Systems

BKG® BlueFlow™ Gear Pumps types EP-SE-EO / EP-SF-EO are used in extrusion, compounding and polymerization processes.

BKG® Extrusion Pumps Types EP-SE / EP-SF

Polymer Processing Systems

BKG® BlueFlow™ Gear Pumps type EP-SE / EP-SF are used in extrusion, compounding and polymerization processes.

New online tool automatically calculates resin savings and investment payback after installation of gear pump

Polymer Processing Systems

BKG® BlueFlow™ Gear Pumps from Nordson Substantially Reduce Pressure Variation, Making Possible a Return on Investment in a Matter of Months.

BKG BlueFlow GPE01_GPX01_English_DS_Rev0

Polymer Processing Systems

BKG BlueFlow GPE02_GPX02_English_DS_Rev0

Polymer Processing Systems

BKG BlueFlow GPE03_GPX03_English_DS_Rev0

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Aligns All Melt Delivery Systems Under the BKG® Product Brand Name and Will Expand Operations in Muenster, Germany

Polymer Processing Systems

German Facility Will House Sales, Engineering, Production, and Aftermarket Services for BKG® Pelletizers, Melt Filtration Systems, Gear Pumps, and Valves

Gear Pumps_Questionnaire_Nordson

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Promotes Frank Thomas to European Sales Manager for Nordson Kreyenborg Range of Filters, Pumps, and Valves

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Corporation has appointed Frank Thomas to be European sales manager for the Nordson Kreyenborg line of melt filtration systems, gear pumps, and valves, the company announced today.

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