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BKG® BlueFlow™ Pump Control PumpCon Economy

The BKG® gear pump control PumpCon Economy is a compact solution for controlling and regulating an extrusion pump and the upstream extruder in an extrusion line. The software processes logical and technical signals to control functions of the extruder speed to maintain a constant melt pressure.


  • Can be installed in new lines or can be retrofitted into existing lines
  • Low operator intervention due to automatic starting and stopping process of gear pump and extruder
  • Configuration of the most important unit parameters (e.g. control pressure, PI parameters, speeds and ramps for pump and the extruder) 
  • Registering and processing of inlet and outlet pressure
  • Display of the actual pump- and extruder speed



  • Signal exchange between the PumpCon Economy and the extruder is managed via potential-free contacts
  • Signal exchange between the PumpCon Economy and the customer DCS via Profinet 
  • The control unit consists of a frequency converter (FC) and on a 7” touch display, the control software which is located on the FC