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Ultracoat™ HM™ Hot Melt Coating Solution

Nordson's Ultracoat HM™ hot melt coating solution offers superior accuracy, making possible raw material savings.


  • Achieve higher line speeds and greater accuracy than conventional roll coating applications, with less environmental impact
  • Motorized rotating rod in the lip area allows gels to pass through lip opening and coating interface, reducing potential streaking and smoothing the coating appearance
  • Versatile design allows for use with hot or cold applications



  • Ultracoat HM™ slot dies provide consistent, streak-free application of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs)
  • Ultracoat HM™ slot dies feature hinges for ease of cleaning and handling
  • Ultracoat HM™ die positioners incorporate mechanisms for fine adjustment and repeatability, while including innovations for coping with gels, or solid particles, which occur in hot melts