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Ultracoat™ Die Positioners

Ultracoat die positioners precisely position a slot die at the optimum angle and proximity to the roll, while isolating the die from vibrations that can affect the coating application.


  • Achieve precise coatings across a wide range of substrates by accurately positioning an Ultracoat slot die with industry-leading repeatability
  • Control of coating appearance through adjustability of attack angles and lip geometries
  • Reduce costly downtime for routine maintenance with a station designed for easy access to the die
  • Easily integrated into new or existing production or lab lines



  • Position Repeatability: ± 2.00µ
  • Pneumatic actuation via air cylinders
  • Optional vacuum box and regenerative blower
  • On-Coat/Off-Coat Travel: 152.4mm (6.00”)
  • Splice Jump Movement: 12.7mm (0.50”)
  • Standard Angle of Attack: ± 5°
  • Available in three sizes for lab or production use
  • Accommodates all Ultracoat dies in one station