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Ultracoat™ Adjustable Lip Slot Dies

Achieve high precision coating when applying low-viscosity coating materials with Ultracoat slot dies.


  • Increase production output with higher line speeds, world-class coat weight uniformity and tolerance variation
  • Improve production flexibility, allowing adjustments to be made to the lip gap and width without disassembling the die
  • Reduce contamination and emission of volatiles with closed loop system
  • Improve cross-web uniformity with fixed wet lip design



  • Flexible lip refines coat weight distribution across the substrate with manual or automatic adjusting mechanisms
  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant body materials
  • Removable lip inserts
  • Hinges for ease of cleaning and handling
  • Application-specific lip face designs are availableUltracoat II Adjustable Lip Slot Dies
  • Optional adjustable wet lip or adjustable dry lip