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Premier™ Multi-Layer Slot Dies

The Premier multi-layer slot die is engineered to allow the application of multiple thin coatings in one pass across a wide range of substrates. As with single layer slot dies, the coating gap and width can be easily altered by changing shims in the die. 


  • Lower production costs by coating multiple layers in one pass
  • Reduce contamination and emission of volatiles with closed loop system
  • Improve end product yields with a manifold designed to uniformly distribute the coating fluid, based on the fluid’s rheology
  • Increase production rates with pre-metered slot die and positive displacement pump technology, allowing for precise fluid application with higher solids content
  • Shorten time required for product changeovers with a slot die designed for a larger process window, allowing for use of a higher variety of fluids at multiple widths and coat weights
  • Easy to use design requires minimal operator adjustment
  • Reduce costly downtime for routine maintenance with a Premier multi-layer slot die, which takes much less time to clean than comparable systems
  • Prevent costly damage to the die and coating roll with a die designed to allow the offset adjustment to be independent of body shim thickness



  • Manufactured from aircraft quality stainless steel for highest dimensional stability
  • Adjustable gap and coating width with precision stainless steel or plastics shims
  • Body lip offset for optional shear at substrate coating interface
  • Locking hinges for safe and easy changeovers, reducing potential damage to the die or lip faces
  • Quick-clamp sanitary adaptor fluid inlet
  • Optional features include cored holes for liquid temperature control and die cavity plugs to increase flexibility of die without sacrificing performance
  • Optional die body material includes titanium, aluminum, or special alloys, based on customer request
  • Designs available to accommodate stripe and patch (intermittent) coating