Polymer Processing Systems

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Premier™ Fluid Delivery Systems

Premier™ Fluid Delivery Systems are available in three standard sizes with a variety of custom configurations and optional features.


  • Easy to clean sanitary, food-grade connections are designed without a thread, allowing tool-free routine maintenance while preventing residue build-up
  • Reduce downtime for routine maintenance with in-line T-valves, which allow for in-line flushing of the system, granting more time for production instead of cleaning
  • Extend the lifespan of your production equipment with a pump and reducer mounted on a "C" channel, creating a smoother operation
  • Eliminate start-up coating defects with a 3-way manual ball valve designed to promote automatic fluid recirculation for the die, allowing an immediate start once the process pressure is reached
  • Lower production costs by better controlling the flow process with pressure monitoring gauges located at the filter inlet and outlet
  • Achieve coating consistency and eliminate the potential for overloading the system with the inclusion of a pressure relief safety valve
  • Contain fluid overflow and spills with an integrated drip pan designed to collect excess fluid, promoting a clean and safe production environment


Flow Rates
 Production Model
800mL/min or Less
 Medium Production  Model 0.5L/min to 6.0L/min
 Large Production Model 5.5L/min to 36L/min