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Premier™ Fixed Lip Slot Dies

With a Premier slot die, the coating rate and cross-web distribution are controlled for an exact wet film thickness by easily altering the coating gap and width by changing shims in the die. No matter what your coating needs are – from laboratory devices to systems for adhesives, magnetic media, paint, photovoltaic/solar, glass coating and more – a custom-designed Premier fixed lip slot die will increase your production efficiency and provide significant cost savings.


  • Reduce contamination and emission of volatiles with closed loop system
  • Improve end product yields with a manifold designed to uniformly distribute the coating fluid, based on the fluid’s rheology
  • Increase production rates with pre-metered slot die and positive displacement pump technology, allowing for precise fluid application with higher solids content
  • Shorten time required for product changeovers with a slot die designed for a larger process window, allowing for use of a higher variety of fluids at multiple widths and coat weights
  • Easy to use design requires minimal operator adjustment
  • Incur less downtime and avoid handling damage with an optional hand-operated die opener, allowing a safe and easy way to open the die for routine maintenance and cleaning while still maintaining die performance during production



  • Manufactured from aircraft quality stainless steel for highest dimensional stability
  • Adjustable gap and coating width with precision stainless steel or plastics shims
  • Body lip offset for optional shear at substrate coating interface
  • Locking hinges for safe and easy changeovers, reducing potential damage to the die or lip faces
  • Quick-clamp sanitary adaptor fluid inlet
  • Optional features include hand-operated die opener, cored holes for liquid temperature control, and die cavity plugs to increase flexibility of die without sacrificing performance
  • Optional die body material includes titanium, aluminum, or special alloys, based on customer request
  • Designs available to accommodate stripe and patch (intermittent) coating