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Coextrusion Feedblock Technology

Enhance your production process with Nordson coextrusion technology

Coextrusion allows for the combining of materials to create a finished product with unique properties. Whether you need to combine multiple layers, encapsulate a product or enhance the strength or flexibility of a material by combining it with something else, coextrusion is an essential element to polymer processing, and Nordson can help you find the right equipment for your production line.
Coextrusion technology has evolved dramatically in the last few years — with Nordson leading the way. With our versatile coextrusion feedblocks developed through years of experience, your line will be consistently more productive. Below you’ll find features designed for dedicated structures, optimal layering sequences, the creation of flexible packaging and more. Our innovative coextrusion technology increases the speed of your process, reduces downtime for maintenance and cleaning, and provides a precise and uniform final product. Contact us to learn how we can create custom coextrusion solutions for your business.

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Polymer Processing Systems

EDI® Aftermarket Services

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Need help? The EDI® team is available to assist with your extrusion die, feedblock, & fluid coating system questions. 

Technical Tips

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A collection of technical tips for product set-up, routine cleaning, and other common practices performed by our customers throughout their daily operations. 

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Technology Centers and Lab Services

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Nordson offers its polymer processing customers extensive laboratory, technology and training capabilities.

Fusion™ Barrier Injection Molding and Extrusion Screw

Polymer Processing Systems

The Xaloy® Fusion™ barrier screw is a combination of proven barrier screw technology and a low shear metering section, providing chaotic mixing, reduced melt temperatures and improved throughputs.

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