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Coextrusion Feedblock Technology

Enhance your production process with Nordson coextrusion technology

Coextrusion allows for the combining of materials to create a finished product with unique properties. Whether you need to combine multiple layers, encapsulate a product or enhance the strength or flexibility of a material by combining it with something else, coextrusion is an essential element to polymer processing, and Nordson can help you find the right equipment for your production line.
Coextrusion technology has evolved dramatically in the last few years — with Nordson leading the way. With our versatile coextrusion feedblocks developed through years of experience, your line will be consistently more productive. Below you’ll find features designed for dedicated structures, optimal layering sequences, the creation of flexible packaging and more. Our innovative coextrusion technology increases the speed of your process, reduces downtime for maintenance and cleaning, and provides a precise and uniform final product. Contact us to learn how we can create custom coextrusion solutions for your business.

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Polymer Processing Systems

New Gear Pumps Operate More Efficiently, Improve Product Quality And Are Available For All Applications Worldwide

Polymer Processing Systems

New BKG® BlueFlow™ Range Harmonizes Technologies First Developed in Germany and the USA and Incorporates Enhancements for All Polymer and Hot Melt Processes

Gebau Kunststoff purchases Nordson's SmartGap™ Sheet Die for super-fast thickness change

Polymer Processing Systems

Production line in Moscow for furniture, packaging, and appliance sheet will also incorporate Nordson’s BKG® Melt Pumps as means of increasing capacity

Plasticizing System for Molding Optical-Grade Polycarbonate Ensures Lens-Quality Clarity and Prevents Discoloration

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Xaloy PC Molding System Includes Screw, Barrel, Valve, and Endcap that Are Specially Designed to Prevent Yellowing and Minimize Development of Black Specks  

Nordson merges its BKG® Pelletizer and Melt Delivery Equipment Businesses

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson BKG GmbH, will be Headquartered in a Newly Expanded Münster Facility, and Provide Global Leadership for BKG® Pelletizing, Melt Filtration, Gear Pump, Diverter Valve and Related Technologies

Cyklop® uses high-efficiency screen changer from Nordson to boost productivity and cut costs in extruding pet strapping tape

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson’s BKG® HiCon™ V-Type 3G Screen Changer reduces number of screen changes and amount of backflush waste while yielding uniform melt flow at high throughput.

Screen Packs for BKG® Screen Changers maintain structural integrity, ensuring maximum filtration with optimum melt flow

Polymer Processing Systems

New Multi-Layer Structure and Exact Fit to Cavity Combine to Prevent Screen Failures and Product Contamination, Reducing Downtime and Yielding More Saleable Product.

Nordson Pelletizing and Crystallizing System Plays Central Role at Lotte Chemical´s World-Scale PET Resin Plant in England

Polymer Processing Systems

New On-Site Video Shows Nordson’s Energy-Saving BKG® CrystallCut System in Operation, along with Kreyenborg™ POLY Screen Changer for Continuous Melt Throughput

Switching screens with new cost-effective manual screen changers is easier, with operators exerting only 50% of the usual force

Polymer Processing Systems

New BKG® NorCon™ EMR and XMR Screen Changers from Nordson Provide Cost Advantages of Manual Units and Are Easily Retrofitted in U.S. or Metric Systems

New die design for multi-layer fluid coating makes changing die gaps easier, more accurate, and less prone to human error

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson Innovation makes the economic productivity benefits of multi-layer slot dies more accessible by eliminating calculation in use of shims to achieve lip face alignment

Complete Screw and Barrel Package for Retrofit on Standard Injection Molding Machines is Specially Designed to Process LSR

Polymer Processing Systems

Xaloy® LSR Package from Nordson Includes All Components for Controlled Mixing and Metering of Liquid Thermoset Rubber Ingredients and Resistance to Corrosion or Wear

Custom-enhanced screen changer extends filter life and improves product quality for PET Company KÖKSAN

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson retrofitted its BKG® POLY™ Screen Changer with Filter Candles, providing 4 to 8 times longer filter life, fewer black specks and gels, and less shear stress

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