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EDI® Ultraflow™ V Adjustable Geometry Coextrusion Feedblocks

Reduce production downtime for fine-tuning layer thicknesses of structures ranging from the simplest sheet to complex packaging films with the EDI Ultraflow™ V coextrusion feedblock. This feedblock has adjustable “combining planes” located where the melt streams join the central flow channel.


  • Combine polymers in a parallel path manner to gain optimal layer ratio stability throughout the structure
  • Split body design minimizes the physical space requirements and allows for easy cleaning
  • Ability to adjust layer ratios “on-the-fly” increases up-time and precision, while allowing for greater end-product versatility



  • Designed to allow entrance locations to be customized, creating flexibility in the line design and layout
  • Selector spool or cassette features allow layer sequence arrangements to be preset upstream of the combining point in the feedblock without removing the block from the line, promoting continuous flow of all channels to reduce degradation
  • Ultraflow V-T design includes profiling actuators with interchangeable profile bars, allowing for the thickness uniformity of individual layers to be finely tuned
  • Compatible with EDI Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT), which offers the largest operating window with the smallest physical space requirement in the marketplace
  • Designs are available for up to 11 layers and can accommodate as many as 8 extruders
  • 45% layer ratio adjustability (without downtime)
  • Ideal for Barrier Film, Barrier Sheet, and Extrusion Coating & Laminating applications