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EDI® Ultraflow™ I Fixed Geometry Coextrusion Feedblocks

The EDI Ultraflow™ design features exchangeable, streamlined flow inserts that combine polymer streams in an optimal parallel-path manner. The inserts are readily exchangeable without having to disassemble the feedblock from the line if coextrusion requirements change.


  • Combine polymers in a parallel path to gain optimal layer ratio stability throughout the structure
  • Split body design minimizes physical space requirements and allows for easy cleaning



  • Controllable linear valves allow for highly precise layer ratio changes
  • Entrance locations are customizable with the selector spool option
  • Designs are available for up to 11 layers and can accommodate as many as 8 extruders
  • 20% layer ratio adjustability (without downtime)
  • Compatible with EDI Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT)
  • Ideal for Barrier Film, Barrier Sheet, Extrusion Coating & Laminating, CPP Film, Stretch Film, and Sheet applications