Polymer Processing Systems

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EDI® MA-F2FR-023-VA Specialty Feedblock

This specialty design is ideal for processors who require a feedblock for thermally stable materials and non-glazing (non-optical) quality applications.


  • Combine polymers in a parallel path to gain optimal layer ratio stability throughout the structure
  • Ability to customize the entrance location, allowing flow channel length to be minimized prior to entering the feedblock



  • Controllable revolving valves allow for highly precise layer ratio changes, including the ability to change the outer layer percentage
  • Removable inserts for optimizing layer thickness
  • Valves for opening and closing the flow channels, allowing for multiple layer structures (A, B, AB, BA, ABA)
  • Designs available for up to 3 layers and can accommodate as many as 3 extruders
  • 20% layer ratio adjustability (without downtime)
  • Compatible with EDI Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT)