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EDI® Layer Multiplication Technology (LMT)

The layer multiplier is a special tool that can be engineered to multiply some or all of the layers within a coextrusion “sandwich” provided by a feedblock. The resulting microlayer structure then passes into the manifold of an extrusion die, where it is transformed into film or sheet of target width and thickness profile. 

Benefits for Food Packaging:

  • May prolong shelf life by reducing the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and total oxygen ingress over an extended period
  • By utilizing EDI LMT, barrier properties may be better maintained when packages are flexed since thinner EVOH layers tend to develop fewer pin holes



  • EDI LMT offers processors a streamlined and versatile system, featuring inserts that are easily changed
  • No matter how many microlayers there are in the structure, the overall thickness is no greater than that of conventional coextrusion, and the structure contains the same amount of raw material