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Extrusion and Coextrusion Dies

Gain efficiencies with custom extrusion dies from Nordson

Custom-engineered extrusion die systems, backed by years of experience in the field of die design and manufacturing, provide you with equipment that refines your final product while creating efficiencies in your production process. Each of our extrusion die systems is custom-designed to meet your needs and process parameters. Below you’ll find cast film dies, extrusion coating and laminating dies, and sheet dies with removable lips and deckling to adapt to changes in production needs. Nordson also offers ancillary equipment for added safety and reduced downtime for maintenance, and enhanced product quality through customized manifolds. Browse coextrusion dies to produce side-by-side structures or multi-layer structures, T dies, film dies and other plastic extrusion dies that give you enhanced control over dimensions, reduce waste and offer versatile designs to meet any configuration you need. Then, contact us about manufacturing a custom die for your production line. 

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BOPA Biax Film Dies

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson offers processors custom-engineered die systems for the production of BOPA film. 

EPC™ Extrusion Coating & Laminating Dies

Polymer Processing Systems

Ensure leak-free operation and allow for convenient routine maintenance with Nordson's unique dual deckle and end seal system.

Polyside Dies

Polymer Processing Systems

EDI® Polyside coextrusion dies make it possible to produce side-by-side structures (typically different colored stripes) or a combination of side-by-side and multi-layer structures.

BOPET Biax Film Dies

Polymer Processing Systems

With the most BOPET installations in the world, Nordson offers processors a field-proven solution delivered by experienced and knowledgeable experts. 

OPS Biax Film Dies

Polymer Processing Systems

Custom-designed EDI® dies with automatic or manual flex lip adjustment systems are available for the production of OPS film. 

Solutions for Extrusion Coating Laminating

Polymer Processing Systems

Coextrusion Technology

Polymer Processing Systems

Ultraflex™ Sheet Dies

Polymer Processing Systems

Product standards that governed the sheet industry over a decade ago are no longer acceptable in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Nordson is committed to providing sheet processors with…

Solutions for Sheet

Polymer Processing Systems

Cast Film Dies

Polymer Processing Systems

Whether your specific cast film product requires the uniquely shaped Contour® die, a versatile Uniflow™ die, or a multi-manifold die, Nordson will work to provide an innovative solution to meet your…

BOPP Biax Film Dies

Polymer Processing Systems

EDI® BOPP dies are customizable to meet each processor’s specific requirements. For added layer arrangement versatility, a variety of distribution block systems are available.    

Solutions for Biaxially Oriented Film

Polymer Processing Systems

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