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EDI® UltraSplit™ On-line Die Separation Devices

Eliminate the downtime required for routine maintenance, while also avoiding the safety and damage concerns involved when moving a heavy extrusion die.

The EDI UltraSplit™ separation device frames the die as it operates online, splits the die halves, and orients the die bodies to provide access for cleaning flow surfaces. The device consists of:

  • A support system with brackets to suspend the lower die body perpendicular, horizontal frameworks on both sides that incorporate the drive shaft (manual or motorized) for moving the flex die body back and forth mounting assemblies to permit pivoting of the upper die body
  • To operate the system, first remove the body bolts and flip a switch to start the motor that separates the die bodies (or use a hand crank to separate them manually)
  • Hand-operated levers applied to brackets, which easily pivot the flex body to provide access for cleaning