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EDI® Ultraflex™ Sheet Dies

Whether your specific sheet application requires our standard EDI Ultraflex™ die design, a heavy duty sheet die, or a die with optional features like EDI SmartGap™ (US patent 9,815,237) or FastGap™ technology, Nordson's highly skilled team will work with you to design an innovative solution to meet your needs.


  • Achieve optimal product quality with customized manifolds designed specifically for your production requirements
  • Reduce material usage through a variety of available product features, including restrictor bars and automatic or manual lip adjustment systems
  • Easily changeover products with flexible design and optional features, including removable lips and deckling
  • Reduce downtime for routine maintenance with ancillary equipment designed for added safety and convenience during ‘split and clean’ procedures



  • Autoflex™ automatic or manual gauge control 
  • Multi-manifold or single cavity coextrusion dies
  • Variety of finish and plating techniques available
  • Easily adaptable to interface with new or existing equipment
  • Restrictor bars, used to aid in controlling sheet uniformity, available for finished product 2mm (0.08") and above
  • Variety of deckling options available
  • Designs available for specialty sheet, including Barrier, PET, Polyside, Stripe, PVC, Free Foam PVC, PP Twin Wall, PVC Siding, Celuka, Geomembrane, and Optical Quality applications
  • Full System Solution Available: EDI Ultraflow™ Coextrusion Feedblocks, EDI Online Die Splitting Devices, and EDI Cleaning Carts